Compton Residents, City Officials Call for Investigation into Alleged Actions of LASD Deputies at Compton Station

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Compton residents are joining with City of Compton officials to demand an investigation into the alleged actions of a group of LA County Sheriffs' deputies at the Compton Station.
They claim these deputies allegedly systematically abuse and harass residents rather than protect them.
Compton Mayor Aja Brown said a deputy came forward recently and said this group of deputies call themselves "The Executioners" and allegedly wield more power than the Captain of the station.
"They are sheriff's deputies within compensation that dictate calls for service, responses, dedicating resources and the like. They are allegedly targeting people of color, African Americans, and that they are able to gain entry into this gang by inflicting harm or loss of life," Brown said.
City officials say that they are displeased with LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva's dismissal of allegations of wrongdoing by this group of deputies as merely the actions of a clique.
City leaders intend to present this matter to both US Attorney Nick Hanna and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra and they are looking into the options of not renewing their contract with the Sheriff's Department when it expires in 2022.