Which Health Conditions Might Raise the Risk of Getting Sick From COVID-19?

If you're wondering which health conditions might raise your risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 LA County public health officials have just released some data on that.
More than 90% of the COVID-19 related deaths reported in the county involve one or more underlying health conditions.
No. 1, by far, is hypertension, followed by diabetes, neurological conditions and cardiovascular disease.
"These are very common conditions that are all among us and we have to be aware of this as we fight and deal with COVID," Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, chief medical officer for the county's public health department, says.
"This is why wearing cloth face coverings, why we keep that 6 to 10 feet at a minimum away from people. When you are ill or have any symptoms or you have been exposed to someone who has this, you have to isolate and quarantine. If you have contact with one of these people, any of these conditions, they are very serious risks. I mean, a serious problem," he says.
Hospitalizations are way down following last month's surge. The average hospital stay has been dropping for months. It's gone from more than 10 days in early May to about five days in late July.
Gunzenhauser points to improved treatments.
He says increasing hospitalizations among younger people, who tend to be healthier, may also have played a role in bringing down the average length of stay.

Most #COVID19-related deaths in LA County have involved one or more underlying health conditions. Hypertension and diabetes are the most common ones. ⁦@KNX1070pic.twitter.com/K2J8Y4Thec— Claudia Peschiutta (@ReporterClaudia) August 20, 2020