Did You Feel the Earthquake? It was a 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Central CA


Did you feel the earthquake Wednesday morning?

It was initially reported as a 6.0 preliminary magnitude earthquake between Ridgecrest and Bishop just north of Owens Lake, according to USGS on Twitter. It was reported after 10 a.m. Wednesday morning - around 10:40 a.m.

Since the breaking news, the earthquake has been downgraded to a 5.8 per USGS. Nearby locations included Lone Pines, Ridgecrest, Bishop and Olancha. It's an area east of the Sequoia National Park up north in Central California.

There were several aftershocks:  3.6 magnitude and 3.1 magnitude earthquakes.

Prelim M6.0 Earthquake Central California Jun-24 17:40 UTC, updates https://t.co/j7OqJ1bFzn

— USGS Big Quakes (@USGSBigQuakes) June 24, 2020