Dijon Kizzee's family, attorneys disputing LASD version of fatal shooting

Photo credit KNX
"The deputies saw the gun and drew their pistols as Kizzee stopped, bent over, reached back and picked up the pistol," Sheriff's Capt. Kent Wegener says. "Each deputy fired at Kizzee striking him several times in the torso causing the gun to, again, fall to the ground."
Douglas was joined by several other attorneys and members of the Kizzee’ family as he pointed to a sketch done by a hired pathologist detailing which of the 19 shots reportedly fired by deputies were fatal in hitting him from the front, with others that struck him in the back or side -- all while he was on the ground.
Douglas took aim at Sherriff Alex Villanueva personally saying the deputies' actions showed a lack of humanity or discretion in firing at Kizzee.
When asked for a comment in response to allegations, Sheriff's Homicide Captain, Kent Wegener, said they have not seen the official coroner’s autopsy, as it is reportedly not completed, and they have no comment about the private autopsy report.
The sheriff's office has said Kizzee was stopped for riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes, tried to run away, and was then shot after dropping a bundle of items that included a handgun.