In-Depth Exclusive: Ex- '60 Minutes' Star Lara Logan Slams Left-Wing Media Bias


Former correspondent for CBS' "60 Minutes," Lara Logan, spoke with our In-Depth host Mike Simpson about journalism and the left-leaning bias. 

Logan says that as a journalist it's her job to give the most honest and unbiased story. "I'm not trying to make up your mind for you," Logan says. 

She adds that when people tell her what the president [Trump] is thinking, she doesn't believe them. "Journalists should be as conscious of what we don't know, as what they do know." 

Logan left CBS News after what some have said is not accurate reporting of the Benghazi, Libya, report on "60 Minutes" in 2012. She returned six months later. 

There are rumors that Logan will eventually head to Fox News, an outlet she compared in an interview with podcaster and former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, as "a put-upon woman," who has "this tiny little spot," at which to pray in front of Israel's Wailing Wall, while the rest of the spots are held by men.