WATCH: Father, Daughter Duo Invent Creative Way to Keep Trick-or-Tricking Safe During COVID-19

Candy Chute Photo Courtesy: Andrew Beattie
Photo credit Candy Chute Photo Courtesy: Andrew Beattie
An Ohio father and his six-year-old daughter have created a fun and inventive tool to help keep trick-or-treating safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
Although health officials are urging against trick-or-treating because of COVID-19, Andrew Beattie and his young daughter made something that just might make going door to door this Halloween safe.
He calls it the candy chute and swears it's simple and cheap to make. 
He says to make it extra safe he'll be using a gloved hand to put candy into the tube to slide down into a bucket -- 6 feet away.

Warning again that holiday gatherings can lead to spikes in coronavirus cases, Los Angeles County's public health says residents should begin planning safer ways to celebrate upcoming fall holidays, but the county backed down from its previously announced ban on trick-or-treating for Halloween.

"Our guidelines have been slightly revised, so we'd ask that people go back and look at them to distinguish between those activities that are not permitted by the health officer order -- that includes events, gatherings parties -- those are just not allowed," Barbara Ferrer said. "They're not allowed for anything. ... The only activities you can have a party or gathering for are with those people that are in your household."