FDA Authorizes First At-Home Coronavirus Test

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized the first at-home coronavirus test.
The kits are going to be available for first responders and healthcare workers initially who may have been exposed or have symptoms of the virus, according to LabCorp.
LabCorp is the company that received an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to run a self-collection at-home test kit. That permits nasal swab specimens to be collected at home using the kit known as Pixel by LabCorp. 
LabCorp, a global life sciences company based out of North Carolina, also offers other at-home tests including diabetes risk at-home and a lipid panel at-home tests.
LabCorp intends to make the kits available, with a doctor's order, for consumers in most states in the coming weeks, according to the FDA.
“LabCorp continues to develop new ways to help patients and healthcare providers fight the COVID-19 crisis through our leading testing capabilities and deep scientific and research expertise,” said Adam Schechter, president and CEO of LabCorp said in a press release on the website. “Our at-home collection kits are designed to make it easier and safer to test healthcare workers and first responders during this important time.”
Patients can then return the kits in prepaid packaging. An email will be sent when results are ready and will be accessible online.
The cost for the kit, as listed on the website?

FDA has authorized the first #COVID19 diagnostic test with a home collection option. https://t.co/S07u85yAew pic.twitter.com/wbbXBKNNnf

— U.S. FDA (@US_FDA) April 21, 2020