LAX to Test Thermal Camera Tech to Identify Passengers With High Fever - a COVID-19 Symptom

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It's being touted as a first of its kind program. 

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti announced on Monday the Terminal Wellness Pilot program will launch Tuesday at LAX. The voluntary program will be monitored by LA County Public Health, CDC and the TSA.

It's thermal camera technology that can identify travelers and passengers with body temperatures of 100.4 degrees or more.

He added having a high fever is one of the leading symptoms of having COVID-19.

"If a person is identified as having elevated temperature, a staff member will approach the person and request a secondary screening of that individual using a trained medical professional who will have a handheld non-contact thermometer and our ability to spot folks who are sporting COVID symptoms, as we saw at the beginning of this pandemic, is so critical to stopping its spread," Garcetti said.

He said the departing passengers, who are identified with elevated temperatures, will be advised by airport staff they shouldn't travel while arriving international passengers will be referred to CDC staff so they can quarantine.

He said it is a voluntary program. There are other safety measures in place at LAX including hand sanitizing locations and deep cleaning of highly trafficked areas, he said.

The thermal cameras will be located in two locations, at the main entrance and the arrival area, within the LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Face coverings are required at LAX -- the airport has previously reported seeing a decrease in airline traffic and passengers flying during the early days of COVID-19.

We are announcing today with the @MayorOfLA that LAX will begin a Terminal Wellness Pilot Program tomorrow, testing advanced thermal imaging cameras that can detect elevated body temperatures. This test is voluntary at Tom Bradley Intl. Terminal. #TravelSafely

— LAX Airport (@flyLAXairport) June 22, 2020

Join me live to discuss new safety measures being installed at @flyLAXairport and the City’s continuing response to the COVID-19 crisis.

— MayorOfLA (@MayorOfLA) June 22, 2020

Face coverings are now required for anyone at LAX. Face coverings can include bandanas, scarves, T-shirts or other fabric materials held in place. Please do your part to help save lives.

— LAX Airport (@flyLAXairport) May 11, 2020