KNX In-Depth EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Newsom Talks About Future of CA in Wake of COVID-19, Sending Ventilators to Other States


California Gov. Gavin Newsom appeared on the KNX In-Depth show Tuesday with co-hosts Charles Feldman and Mike Simpson to talk about what the near-term future for California will look like amid the pandemic, the distribution of a possible successful vaccine in the future, ventilators and masks, and hopes for testing capabilities.

California has 15,865 confirmed positive cases and 2,611 of those cases are in our hospitals. According to Newsom in his address, 1,108 of those are in the ICU.

He also gave an update on the ventilators being sent to other states from California.

He also said the state will be sending the first batch of ventilators to New York, New Jersey and Illinois Tuesday night. Earlier this week Newsom announced that California would loan 500 ventilators to a national stockpile including New York and other states who desperately need the equipment.

“I know that if the tables were turned and we were experiencing a hospital surge, other states would come to our aid and provide ventilators just as we are today,” Newsom said in a statement in an AP story.


Earlier in the day, Newsom gave an update to the public Tuesday about COVID-19 including how to deal with the stress associated with the virus. He said that staying at home doesn't mean you're alone.  He stressed support and communication with each other to help with any sense of loneliness. 

In his address, he discussed the importance of mental health and announced new resources to regulate stress.


In his address, Newsom said there are various hotlines to help including ones for teens, domestic abuse, substance or alcohol abuse and more. 

Newsom said in a tweet Tuesday that "It’s important to address the anxiety #COVID19 is causing for many -- compounded by stress due to lost wages, school closures, social isolation, and more. These stresses can impact our mental AND physical health and should be taken seriously."To learn more:

As always the governor stressed Californians stay home and stay inside. 

CA understands the anxiety resulting from staying at home.Today, we launched new resources for Californians to regulate their stress response in light of #COVID19.Read @CA_OSG’s Playbook for Stress Relief:

— Office of the Governor of California (@CAgovernor) April 7, 2020