Harvard Researcher Studying How COVID-19 Manifests Itself in Dreams

COVID-19 has been manifesting itself in our dreams a lot during the pandemic.
Now a Harvard researcher is studying them to help us all get a better night's rest.
She collected about 7,000 pandemic related anxiety dreams or nightmares. Harvard dream researcher Deirdre Barrett says if it's recurring, try to flip the script of it.
"And especially the trauma-related ones. Try to rescript the dream to think of satisfying other way for it to come out," she said.
For all the others?
"It's simply to think about what you would like to dreaming about maybe there's a person that you are not getting to be with right now, that you would like to visit in your dream, maybe there's a place you'd like to go," Barrett said.
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Barrett says of the dreams she studied many are about fear of the coronavirus and others are about spending time with family members, all day every day, or being stuck at home all alone like in solitary confinement at a prison.