KNX Hero Teen Helps Others Stay on Track with Online Tutoring Program

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A teenager from Los Angeles is helping students stay on track during the COVID-19 pandemic, one tutoring class at a time. 

She turned a summer filled with disappointment into a summer full of promise, and she's our KNX Hero of the Week.

So, Sophia developed an online tutoring program called "Quaranteens." It's for teens who need a little help with their studies during the pandemic. It involves dozens of tutors who have hosted hundreds of sessions with students across Los Angeles and the United States. 

"We have students in Columbus, Ohio... Cleveland, Washington D.C., Kansas," lists the rising senior at Marymount High School. 

Tutors cover a wide range of courses, and everything is free. "Our main focus is just helping anyone who needs it. We don't want cost to be a limiting factor."

Sophia is just 16 years-old, but she already has an awareness about the world that is wise beyond her years.

"I feel like, just generally caring about global issues and educational disparities... for girls and women around the world," says Sophia, who aspires to become a physician one day. "I took a national perspective on [this].... to see what kind of educational disparities are being developed right now, out of this coronavirus crisis." 

Sophia's mother says it's been a joy watching her build the non-profit. 

"She designed a website, and found tutors," says Karen Johnson, who calls her daughter "amazing." 

"She had a lot of plans for this summer, that got canceled. But, instead of doing nothing, she came up with this project on her own, and just ran with it!"

Creator of the Quaranteen's tutoring program, 16 year-old Sophia Scott of Los Angeles is our KNX Hero of the Week!

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