KNX Heroes: Housekeepers Keep Healthcare Facilities Germ-Free During COVID-19

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Most of us have heard the phrase "it takes a village" to things done. And, when it comes to running a sterile healthcare facility during COVID-19, this is especially true.

This week, we are honoring those behind the scenes - the housekeepers, janitors and workers in environmental services - as our KNX Heroes of the Week!

It's not a glamorous job.

"We have to wear gowns and gloves. Sometimes we use helmets," says Marisol Zuniga, a housekeeper who works at a number of healthcare facilities in Orange County.

"I compare it most to that scene in "E.T." where the government shows up and everybody is in their jumpsuit," says Pamela Richardson, who also works as a housekeeper, at Kaiser Permanente in Irvine. "It kind of felt like a sci-fi movie at first!"

Marisol and Pamela dress like that every day for work, as do the thousands of other EVS/environmental services employees in Southern California. They are the people who clean up emergency rooms, operating rooms, and patient units. It’s a high risk job, and in the season of COVID-19, the risk is heightened even more. But, it's necessary to keep people safe.

"When I walk up to their door, and I see them," says Pamela, "sometimes I see a little smile on their face. And, they're just very grateful for interaction, and to have conversations with people."

"We have to take care of them, as [if they were] our family," says Marisol.

The job is tough, but it's crucial for doctors, surgeons and nurses who need sterile rooms to provide care.

"We try our best to disinfect every single part of the room: the OR's, the ER, everywhere," explains Marisol.

Not often in spotlight, but heroes for so many! We are honoring Marisol Zuniga, Pamela Richardson and all of the healthcare housekeepers, janitors, and environmental service workers who are keeping us safe!

They are our KNX Heroes of Week!

"That's really nice for you to be doing this," expresses Pamela. "We definitely work hard and it's nice to be acknowledged!"

"Sometimes, we feel like we are not appreciated enough," remarks Marisol, "and this really touches me."

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