LA Mayor Orders Closure of Gyms, Hair, Nail Salons, Barbershops Again Supporting Gov. Newsom's Orders


LA Mayor Eric Garcetti orders the closure of gyms, hair and nail salons, barbershops, houses of worship and indoor malls again in support of Gov. Newsom's orders.

"We will update our Safer at Home LA order," Garcetti said. "I know how tough this will be on business owners, on employees and the general public who love being out in Los Angeles."

He said "we are on the border of going to red" COVID-19 threat level. In the past, Garcetti has said the level stands at "orange" in Los Angeles which means you can go out for essential errands but to stay safe at home. The next level is red.

"When the indicator is orange, we are at extremely high risk of infection and residents should take precautions and assume you and everyone around you is infectious. You should stay home as often as you can and only participate in essential activities. Hospitals are able to handle current and anticipated volume of patients, but the situation may change quickly," the website writes.

Just today, California Gov. Newsom ordered the closure of fitness centers, houses of worship, hair and nail salons, barbershops in LA County, which is one of at least 30 counties on the state monitoring list. Newsom also ordered the closure of indoor operations for ALL California counties when it came to restaurants, bars and movie theaters, zoos and museums.

LA County Public Health officials also announced the closure of those sectors to mimic Newsom's order: Gyms and Fitness Centers, Places of Worship, Indoor Protests, Offices for Non-Critical Infrastructure Sectors, nail salons, massage parlors, and tattoo parlors, hair salons and barbershops, malls. This comes after LA County saw more than 136,00 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of LA County, and more than 3,800 deaths.

Last week, Newsom already ordered the closure of indoor operations at restaurants, wineries, zoos, movie theaters for at least three weeks for certain counties, including LA County, amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the state. Last week, Newsom ordered the closure of bars in LA County and other counties. Meanwhile, LA County, Orange County and Riverside counties decided to close their bars.

In the past, Garcetti said he supports the regional shutdowns that Newsom has enacted in recent days for the state amid increasing cases of COVID-19. He said he supported the closure of indoor dining at restaurants for at least three weeks. 

Update: @MayorOfLA says threat level remains at orange but warns "we are on the border of going to red." @KNX1070

— Claudia Peschiutta (@ReporterClaudia) July 14, 2020

.@MayorOfLA announces #COVID19 threat level indicator ( It's now at orange: "extremely high risk of infection...You should stay home as often as you can and only participate in essential activities." @KNX1070

— Claudia Peschiutta (@ReporterClaudia) July 2, 2020