LIST: On Some Days, Maybe don't go Swimming at these LA, OC Beaches

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On some days throughout the year, you probably shouldn't be swimming at the beaches listed below.

The Environment America Research and Policy Center published a report Tuesday with a list of "troubled beaches" in various states across the country and Puerto Rico.

Troubled how? Well, it's beaches that saw unsafe levels of bacterial levels. 

Inner Cabrillo Beach in LA County was No.1 on their list in California. 

"Each year in the U.S., swimmers suffer from an estimated 57 million cases of recreational waterborne illness,"  the Environment America Research and Policy Center said online in a press release. They wrote that "Primary sources of fecal contamination include urban runoff, sewage leaks and overflows, and industrial-scale livestock operations."

The press release added that the "sites were considered potentially unsafe if bacteria levels exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s most protective 'Beach Action Value' threshold, the level at which the agency estimates 32 out of 1,000 swimmers will get sick from swimming in these waters."

The bacteria can come from fecal matter in either animals or people, sewers overflowing or fecal matter washing into bodies of water from streets.

The report wrote "An analysis of bacteria sampling data from beaches in 29 coastal and Great Lakes states and Puerto Rico reveals that 2,627 beach sites – more than half of all sites tested – were potentially unsafe for swimming on at least one day in 2018, and 610 sites were potentially unsafe at least 25 percent of the days that sampling took place. 

"Among West Coast beaches, 573 sites, or 67 percent of the 850 sites tested, were unsafe for at least one day in 2018."

The top five sample sites based on the number of unsafe beach days included Inner Cabrillo Beach with 85 potentially unsafe beach days; Coronado Avenue Beach with 62 potentially unsafe beach days (both near Long Beach in LA County) and Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point in OC and Molino Avenue Beach near Long Beach with 46 and 45 days, respectively.

The top five counties by average percentage of potentially unsafe beach days were:

San Mateo County: 32%

San Francisco County: 28%

Contra Costa County: 25%

Santa Cruz County: 22%

Humboldt County: 21%