North Hollywood Nail Salon Spends $35K on Medical-Grade Safety Measures to Fight State Closures

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Owners of the Laque Nail Bar in North Hollywood defied Gov. Gavin Newsom's order to close their salon, but Wednesday, they were given a reprieve. 

The Torosians tell KNX they've done their research to keep customers safe and invested tens of thousands of dollars in medical-grade equipment -- anti-microbial paint, a completely touchless experience, a NASA-grade UVC- air filter, certification as a bio-hazard cleaning center, and placed barriers between technicians and clients. 

Additionally, all clients must wear masks  and technicians must wear face masks, face shields, and change gloves between each service

"The governor’s new order makes absolutely for no sense for any business to do services outside where we have zero control over the environment, no infection control, no health or safety protocols. It’s impossible and it goes against everything the governor has in written law," he added.

July 13, Newsom closed dozens of businesses for indoor operations. 

Newsom added that ALL the counties on the monitoring list should close indoor operations for more sectors due to the risk of spread AND outdoor activities including fitness centers, worship centers, offices for noncritical sectors, personal care services including hair salons and nail salons, indoor malls, and barbershops.

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Our phones were tied up today due to the number of inquiries we received regarding our HVAC upgrade which includes the air scrubber systems. Here is additional information. We have 3 units installed, one for each AC, and they run 24/7. The cost is approximately $1,500 per unit. The proprietary technology featured in the Air Scrubber by Aerus air purifier is known as ActivePure®. It’s a photocatalyst system that goes beyond traditional air purification systems by creating potent oxidizing molecules that are friendly to people and pets, but powerful enough to kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. When water and oxygen molecules enter the ActivePure honeycomb matrix, they are converted into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) vapor. The H2O2 molecules permeate all exposed areas of your living space, rapidly destroying contaminants, fungi, viruses, mold and odor-causing bacteria not only in the air, but also on surfaces such as countertops, cell phones, door knobs, light switches and toys – and even those that hide in cracks and crevices. Benefits of ActivePure® Technology ActivePure is highly effective against the microscopic impurities found in the air and on surfaces. Enjoy the following benefits of ActivePure Technology: Reduces exposure to viruses and bacteria and their detrimental impact on your health and wellness. Proven by researchers at the University of Cincinnati to kill more than 90% of RNA viruses (RNA viruses include COVID-19). Proven effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, C. Diff and other illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Reduction in respiratory issues which may lead to health problems. Fewer sick days and lost wages due to common cold and flu outbreaks. Remove VOCs, purify air and significantly reduce dust particles. Reduced dust collection on surfaces so you don’t have to dust as often. Works 24 hours a day to purify your spaces. If you guys have any other questions or need help with anything else related to salon procedures or protocols, please send us a DM for a quicker response. Please do not call the salon as it ties up all of our lines. ------------

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"It has been hard on us and on the business because we lost a lot of our technicians due to the pandemic. A lot of them moved back home, a lot of them moved in with their parents, so we’ve just been struggling with that," Marina Torosian told FOX11LA

"We were at home for 103 days, then they let us reopen. We implemented our safety protocols and then a week later, they had us shutting down again," she said.