CUTE VIDEO ALERT: Northern CA Sheriff's Deputies Rescue Bear Cub Trapped in Dumpster


The Placer County Sheriff's department posted a video to Facebook of a family of bears in need, that is officially the cutest thing of the week.

The video shows a bear cub that appears to be stuck in a dumpster. To the sad wails of her cub, the mother bear and sibling are stuck outside trying to figure out how to rescue their family member. 

Deputies were called to the Kings Beach motel near Lake Tahoe, where they opened the dumpster lid, and placed a ladder inside for the cub to make his/her escape while backing away for their own safety and for the cub's.

One deputy can be heard on the dashcam video saying to the mother bear and sibling "It's okay....we're here to help." 

Tuesday morning deputies received a call from a #KingsBeach motel that a #bear cub was trapped in their dumpster. Deputies arrived at the motel & they found the cub’s sibling trying to open the dumpster to rescue their trapped sibling. See what happened next! #LakeTahoe--❤️

— Placer Sheriff (@PlacerSheriff) August 29, 2019