Travel Editor Peter Greenberg Exposes #1 Biggest Mistake Airline Passengers Make


Award-winning travel editor Peter Greenberg books a lot of travel. So, who better to give up the secrets than him. Greenberg opened up with In-Depth hosts Charles Feldman and Mike Simpson about the biggest mistake people make when booking travel. 

Greenberg says in essence that the Internet is not your friend. It's conversations with booking agents that get you the best deals. So, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the airlines directly. He adds that the best time to call is 2:00 a.m. -- hope you're a night owl. 

He says the average customer is only seeing about 52% of the available inventory online. 

"What that reservationist is looking at on their screen, is not what you're looking at," Greenberg says. "Having that conversation gives you a great leg-up," he adds. 

He suggests exploring unexpected routes. "The Internet is not your friend. It's a good research tool, but it's not the bible," he says.