San Bernardino County Encouraging All Residents to Get a COVID-19 Test

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San Bernardino County is hoping residents will get their COVID-19 tests whether they're experiencing symptoms or not. 

The county says they have a new test supplier and there are more than enough supplies for everyone to get tested. Testing is free, but people with health insurance, the test facility will ask for the information to recoup testing costs. 


According to the San Bernardino Sun, there are by-appointment 10 testing locations that use self-administered nasal swabs. Results should return within five days, or sooner. 

“All county residents who want to get this virus under control, see our numbers improve, and allow our businesses to reopen should get tested,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman said in a Thursday, Aug. 13, news release.“Now that our testing capacity has expanded and stabilized, we hope that every resident, regardless of whether they have experienced any symptoms, will make an appointment to get tested.”

In LA County, anyone who wants a COVID-19 test can get one. 

County-supported testing sites will have the capacity to test up to 55,000 residents a week.   

VISIT: or to view the full list of testing sites and make an appointment.