Rep. Schiff's Former Staff Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus


On Sunday, Adam Schiff announced that a former staff member has tested positive for coronavirus. The staff member was last in the office ten days ago. 

"We have received notice that a former staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result we consulted with the House Attending physician and will be acting on their recommendations," Schiff said in a statement. 

"Medical professionals believe that my former staff member likely contracted the virus after leaving the office, but we will still be taking additional precautions over the next few days. The former staffer is feeling better and no current staff have reported any flu-like symptoms at this time," he continued. 

He continued on to outline the precautions they have taken before even receiving the news of a positive test in their office.

"Even prior to receiving this notification, we had postponed my district events and meetings, and requested that my staff telecommute from home for the foreseeable future out of an abundance of caution," the statement reads.

Schiff then goes on to say that all should listen to the advice of public health professionals. "Throughout this health crisis, I feel that the job of elected officials is to push out the best information possible, listen to the advice of public health professionals and scientists, and be cautious."  

With many businesses shutting down across the country, affected workers fear the fate of their next paycheck. Schiff addresses these concerns by saying, "I’m also distinctly aware that, as a Member of Congress, I have access to affordable and quality healthcare, and that if I were sick and needed to take time off work, I would not lose a paycheck. Many Americans don’t have the same assurances, and fear the economic pains of Coronavirus, not just the potential deleterious health effects. It’s incumbent on Congress to continue to act in their interests."

He concludes, "I will provide additional updates, as warranted, in the coming days."