EXCLUSIVE (VIDEO) CHP Officer Saves the Day at DMV with Deaf Woman


After all of the horror stories Californians have faced over the chaos at the DMV amid requirements in getting the new REAL ID, a moment Monday offered a bit of holiday hope for humanity. 

A deaf woman arrived at the Central-Los Angeles DMV office, but in her efforts to communicate, a "disturbance" call was issued.

The responding California Highway Patrol officer who responded not only knew sign language (ASL) but was kind enough to offer to cover the woman's fees. 

Officer Randy Rodriguez spoke with In-Depth about jumping in to save the day. 

"The woman indicated that she needed a Real ID...once we had a conversation she was very cordial," Rodriguez told KNX.  "I'd always wanted to communicate with someone who was deaf," he adds. 

He says he had a teammate as a kid whose father was deaf. "That was my motivation to learn sign language," Rodriguez says. 

Rodriguez says he has been able to diffuse challenging situations by using ASL in the past. 

As for covering the extra money that was owed -- Rodriguez says it was just the right thing to do.