Watch Viral Post of 3-Year-Old Hurricane Dorian Survivor Greeted by Classmates

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Sometimes all the medicine you need is a hug from a good friend. When 3-year-old Makai Simmons got back to his pre-school after a traumatic week in the Bahamas and weathering Hurricane Dorian, his friends were more than happy to greet him with open arms.

Makai's mom, Tekara Capron, says her son was a mess following the hurricane. “He thought Dorian was a monster,” she tells

So, when Simmons returned to school a Learning City Academy in Pembroke Pines, Florida, his classmates were thrilled to see him, and knew just how to make him feel better. The video has been seen over 20,000 times. 

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House got flooded. Like much of my island, we lost everything. But I don’t care, they are material things. We have life, which cannot be replaced. In my 22 years of life, I have never seen anything like this. But at Kai’s 3rd year of life, he has experienced a storm that he refers to as a monster. A storm that makes him jump and hide at the sound of strong wind. A storm that inspired him to be brave and put on his life vest, saying “Mommy.. I have to go save the children in the water!” He doesn’t even like to hear the name Dorian. I felt this for the kids.. Thank you to all of my family and friends who checked up on us continuously throughout the storm and even offered their help-- Thank you to EVERYONE who is already helping my people. MOST IMPORTANTLY, thank God for getting us through this!!--------

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And as it turns out Makai deserves a little extra love for his open heart and bravery. His mother writes in one Instagram post that following the storm, her son put on his life vest, and offered to "go save the children in the water."