Which Retailers and Grocery Stores are Hiring Right Now?


As many industries shut down their brick and mortar and advise their employees to work from home, other companies have drastically cut hours or staff entirely. As the demand for work increases, the likelihood of businesses hiring in this current economic climate can seem slim. 

There have been 400 deaths and 33,404 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States, according to the CDC as of Monday.

The beacon of light? Grocery stores and some major retailers. 

With some states in the U.S., including California, urging its people to stay-at-home and “flatten the curve,” the need for delivery and grocery services is great.

Instacart is planning to hire 300,000 independently contracted shoppers to the startup’s roster, CNN reports.

"Instacart is looking to hire hundreds of thousands of workers to meet surging demand for grocery deliveries as millions of people are urged to stay home to limit the spread of coronavirus," the article said.

Other media reports say grocery outlets such as Ralph’s and Albertsons also have plans to staff their stores with a few thousand employees. 

While there is a fear of contracting coronavirus while on the job, some companies are playing their part in compensating employees as they see fit.

Amazon has reported it plans to hire 100,000 employees to keep up with the orders, and it will raise its hourly pay by $2 until the end of April.

Here is a list of national grocers, pharmacies, and retailers that are hiring:




Wal-Mart (stores & warehouses)


Dollar General 

Sprouts (Los Angeles only)