EXCLUSIVE: Actor Henry Winkler Talks about HBO Show 'Barry,' Writing Children's Books


Henry Winkler, actor, comic, director, producer author, and co-star of the hit HBO show "Barry," joined KNX In-Depth Wednesday to talk about the show, an award and writing the Hank Zipzer series. 

For many people, Henry Winkler will always be Arthur Fonzarelli, or the Fonze, from "Happy Days." 

But that would leave out a lifetime of work for Winkler, who's played starring and supporting roles in dozens of TV shows and movies. 

He also happens to be a noted producer, director and comedian; and a prolific author of children's books.

The book series he created is about a boy named Hank Zipzer ("Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever") who has learning challenges, according to Penguin Books.  Lin Oliver co-writes the books.

Not only does he write, but he is also the recipient of the Los Angeles Press Club’s Bill Rosendahl Public Service Award, 2019. 

Winkler is in the process of establishing an entirely new on screen, pop icon persona as Gene Cousineau, the acting teacher on the HBO series "Barry." 

Winkler steals just about every scene he appears in on "Barry," and picked up an Emmy for his work.

That show is coming back for season two on Sunday night.

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