VIDEO: 1 Horse Dead, Other Equines Found Reportedly Malnourished in Coachella Valley

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Photo credit Riverside County Animal Services YouTube Screenshot

NORTH SHORE (CNS) - One horse was found dead and eight other equines seemingly malnourished in the southeastern Coachella Valley today, prompting an animal-cruelty probe.

Animal Services officials were notified of the dead horse Monday morning by resident of the North Shore area near the Salton Sea. The resident "reported a horse on the ground" and that "the property did not appear to have any food," according to Riverside County Animal Services.

The officers said they were unable to find any food on the property.

Soon after the officers arrived, the owner of the horses came to the property and relinquished ownership of the eight other equines, Animal Services officials said. The owner was not identified.

All of the horses were taken away from the property.

The deceased horse will undergo a necropsy, while the eight other equines were taken to the county's San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

 A cruelty investigation will remain open pending the necropsy results, officials said.