VIDEO: NRA Convention Attendee Throws Cell Phone at Trump

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(KNX 1070) -- An NRA attendee was taken into custody Friday after throwing a cell phone at President Trump as he walked out onto the stage. 

In the video, the shadow of a phone being thrown in the direction of the president as he stood at the lectern. Secret Service agents swept in and swiftly arrested the person. 

#BREAKING: A phone was thrown at @realDonaldTrump during his introduction at the @NRA convention.The individual was swiftly arrested and the President continued with no problem.

— Bradley Brewer (@realBradBrewer) April 26, 2019

Someone in the crowd appears to throw a phone at President Trump as he takes the stage at the NRA convention.

— Justin Fishel (@JustinFishelABC) April 26, 2019

The phone missed the president by a wide margin. 

Trump has declared himself a "champion for the Second Amendment," and this is the third year the president has spoken at the event. 

The NRA was a significantly supportive organization for Trump in 2016, and the president used Friday's speech to encourage those gathered to "get out and vote" in 2020. But in the last three years,  the nation’s largest gun-rights organization has lost much of its financial reserves.