'Modern Family's Ty Burrell Hopes Series Finale Offers Distraction From Coronavirus


Ty Burrell is opening up about the final episode of "Modern Family," which will air Wednesday, April 8 on ABC.

When asked what he'll miss most about the show, Burrell's simple answer took on a whole new meaning amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

"I'm going to miss my friends," he said calling the cast a "de-facto family." He added that he took for granted being around people who mean so much, but that they all feel "grateful" for the journey, for being a part of the show, and for being able to finish it before the impact of coronavirus.

"Who knew 'Modern Family' was holding the world together," he joked, adding that he hopes the finale provides some much-needed distraction to everyone at home in quarantine.

On a more serious note, Burrell and his wife, who own restaurants in Salt Lake City, revealed that they are doing their part to help out the food and hospitality industry. In collaboration with the Mayor, they started the "Tip Your Server" relief fund to aid all those who are out of work because of the novel virus.

The goal is to provide $2,000 grants to employees of any Salt Lake City restaurant or bar who have been laid off due to coronavirus closures.

Watch the full interview above.

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