Salma Hayek Celebrates Her 54th Birthday With Stunning Bathing Suit Photo


Salma Hayek is celebrating her 54th birthday in style, and to mark the occasion she posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit from a recent vacation.

The actress shared the photo on Instagram, pointing out that “by the way, this is not a Throwback Thursday!” before thanking the person who snapped the pic.

Since mid-August, Hayek has shared photos of her trip to Greece, where along with her bathing suit photoshoot, she jammed out to salsa music on a road trip, met local street performers, and even broke a few plates “like it’s customary in Greece,” she wrote.

Apart from her Grecian vacation, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic the Mexican actress has spent a lot of time at her home in the countryside, surrounded by animals and nature.

Hayek has a ranch where, along with providing a home to some more traditional pets like the dogs and rabbits that appear on her social media, several alpacas and horses reside.

But the actress doesn’t just live on the ranch, she works there too, helping to take care of the animals, many of whom are rescues.

In April, one of her alpacas had to go to the hospital for a broken foot. Hayek shared on social media that she was grateful to “the vets and all the people that in these hard times are still looking after animals.”

The alpaca, Elpaco, has been part of Hayek’s family since 2015, when the actress adopted him and gave him a new home.

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