32-Year-Old Woman Still Has Symptoms 90 Days After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Over one million people and counting have tested positive for coronavirus in the United States.

For months, health experts have reported a wide range of symptoms that people can experience when having coronavirus. The World Health Organization estimated about 16% of people who test positive never show signs but can still infect others.

Melanie Montano, 32, told Today that she has felt sick for more than three months since contracting the virus. Montano realized that she had symptoms in late February. By the middle of March, she tested positive for COVID-19.

It's been more than 90 days and she still has no sense of taste or smell, has trouble breathing, and sometimes experiences fatigue.

Montano shared that doctors have not been able to recommended how to properly treat her symptoms because they are still learning about the virus each day.

"I've gone to my pulmonologist, my primary care physician, and ... really there's no answer, which is why it's so frustrating," she added.

"I do have an underlying condition. I am asthmatic, but in the same vein, it should not take 93 days to really recover from something that's just the flu, as people seem to consider it to be," Montano said.

Despite testing negative for the virus in May, Montano has continued to experience symptoms.

Her medical ordeal has motivated Montano to speak out and she offered advice to other young people who think they may have contracted the novel virus.

"I would just say be an advocate ... (This virus) is very abnormal, so if you feel these symptoms, I advocate for people to really pursue what next steps are and to not get discouraged," Montano said.

Doctors have previously reported that COVID-19 can have a long-term impact on a patient's health.

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