Chants for 'Equal Pay' Follow US Women's World Cup Win

(WCCO) - In the moments after the United States captured its second straight World Cup title at the Stade de Lyon in France, a chant of "Eq-ual Pay, Eq-ual Pay!" Reverberated around the stadium.

It was statement that Gold Boot winner and player of the tournament Megan Rapinoe quickly latched onto as she called for the conversation on the issue with FIFA to, "move forward." In the 2018 Men's World Cup, the allowed prize money was $400 million, while for the women's World Cup this year, the pool stood at $30 million.

Those "Equal Pay" chants resonated here in Minnesota too.

"Don't tell me that this doesn't exist and work places all across the country for women. This is just on the highest stage, is not fair for them, and it's not fair for the woman working at JC Penney or the ones working in the cafeteria or the woman who's working at the gym," 830 WCCO producer Sheletta Brundidge told host Eric's Nelson during his Sunday show.

Brundidge, who also hosts the Two Haute Mommas podcast, continued:

"Put some respect on our check. If we are doing the work and we are superior at our craft, pay us what you owe us and stop B.S-ing around."

Michelle Trombetta, a 43-year-old soccer fan from Minnetoka who watched the final at Brit's, saw the success of US women was a validation of the work of hundreds of women who can become them, many of whom worked for little pay or recognition. She says the team's push for equitable pay highlights an issue that is a problem across fields.

"Whether it's soccer, whether it's business, whether it's medicine, women are working their butts off to command the type of,espect and financial backing that is necessary for us to do this for a living and be at our top of our game," Trombetta said.