WATCH: Driver flees the scene after crashing into gas pump and starting a fire


This gives the term "hit and run" a whole new meaning.

Video footage captured a reckless driver reversing into a gas pump in South Portland, Maine. After starting a fire, he quickly fled the scene.

It happened on Saturday, September 19 at ScrubaDub Car Wash.

The business posted the footage on Facebook asking the community to help identify the driver.

The surveillance footage shows a dark SUV reversing out of a parking space and directly into a pump, which sparks a fire. Instead of pulling over and getting help, the driver speeds off.

The South Portland Police Department also issued an appeal and shared images of the suspect and the vehicle on social media.

The driver was identified by Monday morning, according to the ScrubaDub Facebook page.

“To our Maine Customers, Thank you so much for your help! The community helped us identify the suspect this morning,” the business wrote alongside the video.

The man's identity was not made public. It's unclear if he is facing any charges.

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