2 KNX Heroes brighten the spirits of cancer patients

Two young men from LA County have been using their free time during the pandemic brightening the spirits of cancer patients.

They've also inspired staff members at a local hospital, and they are our KNX Heroes of the Week!

Covid-19 slowed a lot of people down this summer. Eleven year-old Zachary Wiezorek kept busy by painting rocks.

"We have lots of rocks in our back yard," explains Zachary.

KNX 1070 News
KNX 1070 News

Zachary connected with his buddy, fellow 11 year-old Evan Vourakis. And together, through Zoom meetings, the two young men took their paint brushes and painted masterpieces. The rocks became gifts for cancer patients at Adventist Health in Glendale, where Zachary's mother works.

"We paint landscapes, and animals," says Zachary. The rocks also have inspirational words like "hope" painted on them.

Gina McGhee is a Senior Radiation Therapist at Adventist Health Glendale, and she says the rocks mark a special moment for patients who are celebrating their final cancer treatment.

"The patients have been so elated, about receiving the rocks!" says Gina. "I'll tell the patients they can put them their flower beds, in a potted plant or on your desk, as a reminder."

For Zachary and Evan, it's just a way to do something nice for someone else. "It makes me feel really good, that I helped someone else, and made them feel happier," remarks Zachary, "and feel hope."

Zachary Wiezorek and Evan Vourakis are our KNX Heroes of the Week!

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