UPDATE: President Trump is not expected in LA next week after positive coronavirus diagnosis


In light of the very recent positive coronavirus diagnosis for both President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Thursday night, it seems that Trump will not be expected in Los Angeles next week.

The news of an update of Trump's LA visit was according to the City News Service via NBC LA.

News media on Friday morning were reporting that all of Trump's future campaign events will be postponed or held virtually.

Less than a month ahead of an already contentious election, Trump was to make a trip to the Los Angeles area next week - most likely on next Tuesday - for his re-election campaign.

The news of his arrival was first reported by Politico in an ABC 7 story.

"Politico writer Alex Isenstadt, citing an invitation, reported that Trump will be in the Los Angeles area for a fundraiser on Tuesday," according to an ABC 7 story on Thursday.

There was a sweepstakes email circulated this week by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee that offered a chance for a trip to L.A., where Trump would be in attendance, after making a contribution, according to a CBS LA story.

"The email did not provide an exact date or provide any details about the event," the CBS LA story reported.