Secret packed parties happening in LA, across the country amid tightening COVID-19 restrictions


With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country and cases going up, there are still underground parties, packed secret night clubs and more happening across the country.

Los Angeles is not immune to the secret partying. Young people especially tend to believe they're invincible and are having a hard time not holding underground parties.

The phenomenon isn’t unique to the City of Angels either. For example, in a recent New York Times story, nearly 400 people were caught partying indoors in New York City and wearing few masks over the weekend. Four people were arrested from that party.

The new Safer-at-Home order, which goes into effect Monday in LA County, may deter young people from gathering indoors and partying. One of the restrictions are gatherings indoors where all public and private gatherings with individuals not in your household are prohibited.

The LAPD tells CNN that underground parties are happening around the city.

In Los Angeles, according to the CNN via ABC 7 News story, many of the warehouses are booked as video shoots - falsely - according to the LAPD.

LAPD Police Capt. Stacy Spell says in the ABC 7 News story that “ the fact that they're in industrial areas, you know, oftentimes they don't get the same kind of attention that you would get in a residential area.”

It's tough to send armed officers to a situation where there has been no criminal activity. Plus the parties are virtually organized on social media - and no location until a few hours before the party begins.

"And so in those instances where a response would be more geared towards public health issues, or we could direct, you know, unarmed response through, we have partners in the fire department. There are other entities that could better respond to those kinds of things,” says  Los Angeles Police Capt. Stacy Spell in the ABC 7 New story.