Man's wife sells his Playstation 5 after he lied and said it was an air purifier

By 98.7 KLUV

The new Playstation 5 is a sought-after video game console, but while one man was able to get his hands on one shortly after it hit the market, he didn't own it for long.

The Herald Sun reports that a Taiwanese man, Jin Wu, saw a Playstation 5 for sale on Facebook marketplace only days after the system became available to the public.

When he arranged to meet the seller, Wu spoke with a woman, but when he went to purchase the Playstation 5 in person, a middle-aged man appeared. "You could tell that he definitely played video games, just with a single look," said Wu.

According to Wu, the seller's wife did not approve of how much time he spent playing video games, so when he purchased the new console, he told her that it was an air purifier. But a report from Asia One says that when a rat died in the couple's home, the "air purifier" was unable to mask the smell, exposing the gamer's lie to his wife.

Wu claims the seller told him that it "seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier." Wu also said that he was able to purchase the gaming console for a cheaper price than he had seen anywhere else.

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