Florida man catches alligator weighing over 1,000 pounds after watching it for three years

The massive alligator’s weight was just short of the state record
Photo credit Cindy Larson

Achieving a goal is always a great feeling, especially when it takes years to accomplish. A man in Florida recently experienced this feeling after finally capturing a massive alligator he had been watching for three years. The wait ended up paying off as well, as the alligator weighed in at 1,008 pounds.

Corey Capps first spotted the massive alligator while on a boat ride on the Apalachicola River, in Blountstown, Florida. Capps contacted his friends, who had state-issued gator tags, allowing them to hunt the reptile. “Three different times in the last two months, I've been back there fishing and he's stalked me. ... So me and him, something was going to give between the two of us," said Capps.

Finally, after many times coming across the alligator, Capps finally caught it, but not without a fight. It took them three and a half hours to move the gator, and eventually brought it to a recycling center where it weighed 1,008 pounds, just 35 pounds short of the state record. As for the alligator, Capps plans to mount the front legs and the head, and the rest was sold to a processing business.