Jacobs declares victory in NY-27 special election

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Photo credit WBEN Photo/Matt Moran
As of late-Tuesday night, Jacobs has 30,000 more votes than McMurray. This includes a 12,000 vote lead in Erie County and more than 22,000 votes in the six counties that represent the district outside of Erie County.

Jacobs declared victory on Tuesday night and said it was statistically impossible for McMurray to overcome the deficit.

"We know that Nate McMurray is on the ballot for the general election so we will assume that is the case and we'll look forward to working towards November," Jacobs told WBEN ahead of his victory declaration. "I also hope I have the opportunity as soon as possible...to get into office. The district has not had representation for a long time."

McMurray did not concede the race.

Typical. We need to count the votes Chris. I’m waiting for every last ballot to be counted, and then let’s talk. https://t.co/8l3Z3cWNJN

— Nate McMurray for Congress 2020 (@Nate_McMurray) June 24, 2020

"Typical," McMurray wrote on Twitter after Jacobs declared victory. "We need to count the votes Chris. I'm waiting for every last ballot to be counted, and then let's talk."

It is believed that McMurray has the advantage with absentee votes because more democrats than republicans returned those ballots in the region.