Why Are Travelers Booking Months-Long Airbnb Stays?


With less people traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic, one might think that Airbnbs are finding themselves with holes in their booking schedules. So why is it that travelers are actually booking more long-term stays?

Since working from home is becoming more the norm, the line between traveling and just living is starting to become a gray area. "There's this really new trend where traveling and living are starting to blur together," Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told CNN.

"People are bookg for weeks at a time or even months at a time," he explains.

While many are staying in their homes, attempting to avoid any sort of travel, there are many still who are using this time as a way to break up the quarantine stagnancy by booking long-term Airbnb stays.

According to Chesky, people are driving to nearby destinations and having themselves a staycation of sorts in a new place for weeks, sometimes months, on end. "This has been something that's really been a huge and welcome surprise for Airbnb," he explained.

While even Chesky himself expected that Airbnb would take a hit amid the coronavirus pandemic, he was happily surprised to find people were using the lodging company as an alternative to hotels.

That said, Airbnb did make the decision in May to lay off about 1,900 workers. They have also begun to crack down on stays that could involve large gatherings and parties.

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