Judi Dench: This 'Saved My Life' During the Pandemic

Judi Dench Loves Tik Tok
Photo credit Getty Images
By 94.5 KOOL FM

It saved her life! Okay, not actually. But Judi Dench is an actress, so 'dramatic' suits her!

Obviously during the pandemic, many were left with an excessive amount of hours to fill. Judi Dench, with productions for 100% of all movies, everywhere halted, is not the exception. 

So what did she do to fill the time? Tik Tok! She has learned some of the popular choreographed dances with the help of her grandson, 23 year old Sam Williams. 

The classy 85 year old lady can be seen rockin it on Tik Tok here: Judi Dench Dancin'

Get it, Judi.