Could that 7:1 Ratio for Dog Years be Wrong?

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By 94.5 KOOL FM

WHOA! We have always believed that our dogs age 7 "years" to every 1 human year!


New research says that 7:1 ratio could be WRONG! Apparently, dogs age quite a bit during their first year (remember, a 9 month old dog can have puppies!)


The scale looks a little something like this: 1 year old dog is about 30, 2 year old dog is about 52.


The good news? As they age, the process slows and levels off!


Very interesting! Pretty sure Niko's Braxton (age 14) and Dee's Nina (12) are still pretty ancient though hehehe

Here's Young B at age 14: 

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This is Dee's 12 year old Nina: 

Nina, yorkie, dog, dogs, pet


and honorable mention to her slightly younger doggos, Harley (7) and Ari (5)

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- The Niko Show & Dee Garcia


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