Jim Miller Reveals His Favorite Parts About Creating 'Origins: Almost Famous Turns Twenty'

The latest chapter is available now

Now that the Origins: Almost Famous Turns Twenty podcast is out from RADIO.COM's Cadence13, host James Andrew Miller is opening up on his experience creating the interviews with a star-studded cast and reveals his favorite thing about the creation process.

In an interview with Remy Maxwell on RADIO.COM’s 104.1 Jack FM, Miller dives right into the most exciting aspect of the whole podcast. “The thing was to literally be with them and to watch their faces. This was the movie that, for so many of them, was the big deal,” he explains.

Not only was the cast excited to revisit their Almost Famous roots, they were happy to reminisce over the lasting friendships they created during the filming process. “They really bonded,” Miller explained, adding, “I think it’s an amazing cast.”

Despite the cast all seeming like naturals when it came to playing their iconic roles, they needed a hand from “rock school” to really dig their feet in.

“There was this thing before production started called 'rock school,'” Miller says. “They taught the whole group and everybody about being in front of crowds.”

He continued, “It was 6 weeks of intensive immersion in how to be a rock and roll star.”

Additionally, one of Miller’s favorite bits from the podcast was learning that one of Kate Hudson’s iconic lines did not actually appear in the script. At a turning point for the film’s protagonist, William Miller divulges that he needs to “go home.”

At this point, Penny Lane explains that he is home.

“That line…is not in the script,” Miller explains. “Cameron Crowe as a filmmaker, creates an atmosphere where all sorts of things happen because actors trust him and because he gives actors the time.”

For more about the film, listen to "Origins: Almost Famous Turns Twenty" on the RADIO.COM app.

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