WATCH: Ducklings Scamper Single File in ‘Quacktastic’ March Outside Police Station

You have the right to remain adorable.

A family of ducks was seen marching in a single file line outside a police station in Texas.

Video shared by the Cedar Park Police Department on Tuesday showed two adult ducks and 16 ducklings scampering down the street.

In the clip, which can be viewed above, the ducks are seen scooting along a red-painted curb near police cars in what appears to be fowl weather, under a slightly overcast sky.

“Make way!” the police department billed the video on Facebook.

The caption continued: “Cedar Park PD has 16 new recruits learning how to march in our back parking lot. Isn’t that Quacktastic?”

“#DuckDuty #QuackTheCase,” the department added on the tail end of the caption.

Facebook users loved the cute video.

“So cute!!!” one user wrote.

“CPPD always has their ducks in a row,” joked another.

One individual suggested this wasn’t atypical of the area.

“We saw some baby ducks at the pond yesterday over by Costco,” they wrote.

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