Teen Petitions to Move Super Bowl to Saturday


Football fans, how would you feel if the Super Bowl was on a Saturday?

One teenager in New York doesn't believe the big night should be on a Sunday because it's not practical, reports CNN.

Sixteen-year-old Frankie Ruggeri wants to watch the Super Bowl, but doesn't want to stay up late and then have to go to school on Monday morning.

"Why not have a kid say, 'How about the Super Bowl be on a Saturday?'" Ruggeri said.

The idea came up while the teen was having dinner with his family. As they discussed the topic, Ruggeri thought it would be a great idea to start a petition on Change.org. You can click here for the petition page.

More than 18,000 people signed the petition as of Thursday afternoon.

Ruggeri argued that the NFL would get more money if the game was on a Saturday. He also stated that a lot more people would travel to the Super Bowl.

CNN reached out to the NFL for a comment. In the past, the organization said its viewership is very strong on Sunday evenings.

What do you think? Should the Super Bowl be on a Saturday?

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