Brutal Cold Challenges North Texas Firefighters

Photo credit © Duncan Noakes |
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - This brutal cold snap hasn’t been much fun for anybody, but it’s been a unique work challenge for our North Texas firefighters.

With the plunge in temperatures, firefighters have to factor in all sorts of concerns that aren't a normal issue. For example, they have to keep an eye on the water they use to fight fires, making sure it doesn't freeze over.

“We have to make sure the water continues to flow,” says Dallas deputy fire chief Jeff Wallis. “Residual run off, mist, spray, it all turns to ice on the streets. All of a sudden we have to worry about where we’re walking.”

Firefighters also can’t forget about keeping themselves warm. They set up an area for what they call “rehab. That’s an area for firefighters to get some warmth and a hot drink before going back into the cold and back to fighting the fire.

They also make sure to stay active, even if it’s just walking around.

“The firefighter gear is plenty warm, so as long as you’re doing something, you stay warm,” Wallis says. “Sitting down is the hardest part.”

When we have cold temperatures like these, it can lead to an increase in fires, as people stack up wood in the fireplace or crank the heater a few more degrees. Simply being careful and smart about heating your home can prevent many of these fires.