Groups Take Trump Administration To Court Over Census Citizenship Question

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Will the 2020 census include a question about citizenship? That's what a federal court in Maryland will try to figure out on Tuesday."All of the evidence indicates that this was a conspiracy between the White House and the Commerce Department to trigger a significant undercount of the Latino community," said Thomas Saenz with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). "That is not what the government is supposed to be doing. The census is supposed to be about obtaining as complete a count as possible of all persons residing in the United States."While it's something that's being decided some 1,500 miles away, Saenz said it could have a big impact on the Lone Star State. "Certainly the State of Texas would be one of the major victims of a significant undercount of the Latino population. The state has gained a number of Congressional seats in the last four decades and it's projected to gain three this decade. However, those three may be in jeopardy if, in fact, the growing Latino community in the state is not fully counted."The trial in Maryland comes on the heels of a ruling in another lawsuit, where a federal judge in New York ordered the Trump administration to remove the citizenship question from the 2020 questionnaire.