Medical Marijuana Expansion In Governor Abbott's Hands

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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Governor Abbott has until Sunday to veto an expanded medical marijuana bill. 

It expands the use of low THC cannaboid product to people suffering from multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, Parkinson's disease and more.  As of now it's only allowed for people with intractable epilepsy and two physicians have to sign off on it. 

Under the new bill only one will. John Taylor, political science professor at University of Saint Thomas in Houston says this comes down to politics.  He says the governor has signaled he may be ok with signing the bill into law, "however Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has been vehemently opposed to anything dealing with marijuana. In fact he makes the argument that even a limited expansion is a slippery slope and he believes this is a crime issue as much as anything else.He says many Abbott supporters are in favor of expansion.  "You are seeing it among Republicans in Texas.  60 plus percent of Republicans support not just medical marijuana. They support recreational marijuana, full decimalization of marijuana possession whatsoever."Taylor notes the bill was pushed on the senate side by Donna Campbell, a Republican who is also a physician.