67 Million People in the US Speak A Language Other Than English

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Photo credit Bulat Silvia/Getty Images
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

The Center for Immigration Studies looked at Census reports. It finds that more than 67 million people in the US speak something other than English when they're at their homes. That's 22 percent of the population. 

The number has tripled since the census in 1980 and doubled since 1990. In Texas, 36-percent of families speak another language among their own families. That's the second-highest in the country. 

Overall, more than 200 cities had populations where a third of families aren't speaking English in private. The most common other language is Spanish, then Chinese, and Arabic. 

The cities where the highest percentage of people don't speak English at home. Laredo and Hialeah, Florida where the number is almost 90 percent. The highest percentage around is in Irving, where 60 percent speak another language. Dallas is 43 percent and Fort Worth and Arlington are around 34-percent.