Gov. Abbott Says More Medical Supplies, More Health Care Workers Needed

 Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Photo credit credit: Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK
By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed the state from a DPS warehouse Tuesday, flanked by boxes of medical supplies set to be shipped out statewide.

The Governor led the press conference with the latest figures that have come to describe how well things are going in containing the coronavirus. So far 65 Texas counties have been impacted, with 11 deaths reported and 715 positive tests. “You can expect the number of tests to continue to go up every day,” said Abbott.

"The people who are administering the COVID-19 tests to the patients must be wearing this personal protection equipment," he said. "I am proud to say that we are loaded with a lot of equipment." The governor said a supply of 10,000 masks and personal protection equipment was shipped out across the state last night. He added that the state has created a "supply chain strike force," which will get an additional 100,000 masks per day. Beginning next week Texas should be getting more than a million masks per week.

Abbott then made a plea for more help from the medical community. “We are enlisting every doctor, every nurse, every medical personnel we can find. There may be some who are retired. There may be some who are still in nursing school who qualify under my executive order expanding the scope of the nurses who can be involved in helping out and responding to COVID-19,” he said. “There may be some who are from another state. You can come into the state of Texas and provide your services here. If you are someone, or you know of someone in the medical sector who can help us out… be sure and let us know.”

Abbott also announced a new Executive Order in which hospitals are required to submit daily reports on their bed capacity to the state health department. All health care providers must also submit daily reports on COVID-19 tests. Abbott said his executive order meets the presidential coronavirus task force and CDC standards.