Baby Born At Parkland Apparently Got Coronavirus In The Womb

Baby with doctor
Photo credit Narongrit Sritana/GettyImages

A baby born in Dallas apparently contracted the Coronavirus in the womb.

Baby Alexa tested positive at Parkland one day after she was born to Wendy Figueroa who had been admitted to the hospital with a fever, headache and gastrointestinal symptoms on April 30th.

The mother tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Their case has been published this week in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

Because Alexa was about five weeks premature, she was kept in the hospital while her mom was sent home.

Figueroa had to wait out a 14-day quarantine before being sure she was over the disease. Only then was it safe to bring Alexa home.

They both seem to be doing well now