Baylor University Students Have To Pass COVID Test Before School Starts

Baylor University Campus
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By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Baylor's students return to campus August 24th, but they can't come back without testing negative for COVID-19 first. 

Students will get one in the mail, self-administer the test and send it back. The results should come in within 48 hours.   

Baylor Vice President of marketing and communications says students will take the tests as close as possible to their return to campus. "Once they take that test we're asking them to make sure they practice good social distancing, they stay away from large groups and gatherings, wear face coverings, sanitize their hands and that's good practice as we start the fall semester because that's going to be the requirement as when they get to Baylor this fall."Cook says it's part of a layering of strategy as they gear up for their return to campus. "There's several things that we're looking at in terms of social distancing, wearing face coverings, reducing density across our campus."He says the tests will provide a baseline of the prevalence of the virus in the student population. "It is critical for us as a good partner in Waco as we welcome 17,000 students back to make sure we have a good handle on the entire situation, just for the health and well-being of our entire community."Cook adds testing will continue as needed during the fall semester. He adds three fourths of their classes will be in person. 

Students who are ill or not comfortable with that arrangement can take classes online.