Contractor Sentenced To 10 Years For Scamming Storm Victims

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Photo credit Credit: Vitaliy Halenov/GettyImages

DALLAS (KRLD) - An appeals court in Dallas has upheld the theft convictions against a crooked contractor who made 10s of thousands of dollars by cheating storm victims out of insurance money.

Gregg Averitt, 63,  was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison in Collin County.

Averitt was charged with cheating victims in Wylie, McKinney and Rowlett after a series of winter and spring storms in 2015 and 2016.

The first storm hit December 26, 2015 as a tornado tore through Rowlett.  Among the victims, Carrie Limerick, whose home was under a damaged water tower.  She and her family were traumatized and numbed when she met Averitt.

“He’s going around neighborhoods conning people out of money at the lowest point in their life” said Limerick.  “It’s mind blowing for someone to be capable of doing that.”

Another victim, who owned a building in downtown Wylie, was victimized after softball-sized hail punched holes in the roof.  Court records show Sharon Pollock hired Averitt’s company, but waited months for work that was never finished.  The court records show numerous attempts to get the work done.

“Greg, have a question. If you had no intent in stealing my insurance money and you could not find roofing contractors that will accept the liability, which I now know is a lie, where is my money that you put in escrow at Chase Bank? You could not have done more than $10,000 worth of work at 114 Ballard if even that. WHERE IS THE MONEY GREG? DID YOU BUY THAT NEW TRUCK WITH MY MONEY????”  a text message in the appeals opinion said.

The record shows a third victim out of McKinney.​